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Here are some frequently asked questions.

How do I patch AWS WorkSpaces?

WorkSpaces Manager (WSM) connects to WSUS (free) or SCCM to provide alerts and reports of WorkSpaces that need patching. You can also schedule, on mass, when WorkSpaces are to be woken to allow patching.

Finding our WorkSpace users quickly in the AWS Console is painful, can you help?

You can search for users (including part search) quickly through WSM. Search by user name, OS, e-mail address, client IP, WorkSpaces IP, directory, bundle, tags and if you want to search by something else (we can’t think of any), let us know and we will add it!

How can I troubleshoot a users experience more effectively?

WorkSpaces Manager will pro-actively monitor CPU, memory, connection latency and disk space. It will alert you to mass disconnections and can automatically upsize/downsize a WorkSpace based on the users’ performance needs. 

Can I track usage?

WSM will provide log on, log off and idle times of a WorkSpace whether it be PCoIP/WSP and or an RDP connection. 

I sometimes have unhealthy WorkSpaces in the morning, how do I fix this?

WSM automatically scans for UnHealthy WorkSpaces and forces a reboot or migration from the underlying hardware ensuring minimal disruption to end users. 

I recently hit my service limit while trying to expand our WorkSpaces estate. Can this be removed?

We can’t remove the AWS service limits as these are put in place by AWS. We will however provide alerts that you are reaching your WorkSpaces service limit and available IP’s in the WorkSpaces subnet ensuring you have the infrastructure and permissions in place, ready to grow your WorkSpaces estate when needed. 

Does any sensitive data leave our VPC?

No! Other than reporting back to us the amount of licenses in use, all data about WorkSpaces, users and usage remain private, within your VPC. 

Can I create WorkSpaces without having to log on to the console?

WSM can automate the deployment of WorkSpaces, via AD group membership. The user will be emailed the login details and WorkSpaces Manager will confirm once a user has logged on and used the WorkSpace for the first time.

How can I reduce spend?

WorkSpaces Manager quickly provides visibility of unused WorkSpaces (both RDP and PCoiP connection), recommends WorkSpace size based on previous usage patterns. Automatically deletes WorkSpaces (and computer object in AD) if not used for an admin defined parameter.  Granular spend details per month and cost-optimization through switching between hourly and always-on modes.

I would like to pass some of the day to day administration of our WorkSpaces estate to other members of our team, without giving them full access to the AWS console, can I do this?

Over 15 different roles can be allocated through WSM, including limiting an administrator to a specific region, directory or tag (e.g. department).

How can I reduce tagging mistakes?

You can set predefined tags, with fixed options, to be applied to the WorkSpace when created, whether a one off WorkSpace or during bulk creation.

Can I manage my WorkSpaces estate through one pain of glass across Multiple accounts?

Yes, WSM will manage WorkSpaces across multiple AD domains and multiple accounts, through one pain of glass. 

Can you provide additional functionality outside of what is offered here or a specific report?

Yes! Since its inception in 2017, WSM has evolved through customers feedback and requests. If there is additional functionality you would like to see, to help managing your WorkSpaces estate easier, please get in touch! 

Where are you based?

A large majority of our team are based in London, UK. However, over 80% of our clients are established outside of the UK. We provide 24x7x365 support and our heroic demo team would be delighted to provide you a technical deep dive of the functionality, at whatever time works for you. 

Didn’t find your answer?

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